IMAGO has announced the instigation of an International Joint Research group; Cinematography in Progress (CITO).

“Our research group, CITO gives us the structure and organisation to start and manage an International Journal, which is blind peer-reviewed and open access. The journal will become our platform to share the knowledge on cinematography.”

The education committee of IMAGO has set this up as an international joint research group with three participating academic institutions: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium, the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), Germany and the Lusofona University, Portugal.

They have created an online journal to facilitate this research into all aspects of cinematography, emphasising its part in narrative fiction film. The journal is set to connect the art of cinematography with academic research, the journal can be see here

Some the first articles are the papers from the Cinematography in Progress 3 conference from April 2019.

They sum up their aims:

A key objective is to build a bridge between film practice and film studies. The argument for tapping into the knowledge of cinematographers lies in the simple fact that since the existence of cinema, cinematographers, or cameramen as they were first known, were always there. Cinematographers have been there since the inception of the motion picture. Cinematography does not limit itself to techniques but includes the “development of the eye”, film history, the study of art history, optics and established techniques alongside the effects of digital workflow and other more recent developments in the digital domain. We want to investigate the link between the creation, the projection and the perception of visual media and it’s communication.