The BSC Expo includes two full days of seminars and discussion panels. Ground breaking DOPs, technicians at the cutting edge of new tech and equipment manufacturers all share their knowledge and vision for the future.

The panels are coming together and schedule details have been published on the BSC Expo website. Some details are yet to be firmed up as scheduling and work commitments can snatch away DoPs at the last minute, but the current details are looking really exciting, some highlights are:

BSC Panel: Streaming and Beyond – the factors that affect Cinematographers shooting for streaming services, with Netflix, Mission Digital and Goldcrest Post

BSC Panel: Lighting Set Ups That Challenge Us – Haris Zambarloukos BSC GSC with gaffer Julian White and Jake Polonsky BSC with gaffer Shaun Mone, plus others tbc

BSC Panel: A conversation with Roger Deakins CBE ASC BSC – A great opportunity to listen to academy award winner Roger Deakins CBE ASC BSC and James Deakins in conversation with Ron Prince, editor of British Cinematographer magazine.

Directors UK and ARRI present Single Shot Challenge – Telling a story in a single shot is incredibly challenging. From four directors, members of Directors UK, we’ll hear first-hand just how challenging an experience it was.

RED Masterclass: Guillermo Navarro ASC AMC – Guillermo Navarro ASC, AMC – Oscar winner for the film Pan’s Labyrinth will provide an overview on his approach to cinematography in the digital age.

Ncam: How ‘Virtual Production’ techniques are revolutionising VFX Film & TV productions and empowering creative freedom and control for cast and crew

Mission Digital: An introduction to ACES colour management: Taking ownership of your image

LED Colorimetry for Cinema Cirrolite / Kino Flo – Frieder Hochheim will explore the challenges of LED lighting for electronic cinema cameras.

More details to follow on presentations by Sony, Panavision, Technicolor and Digital Orchard

See the full seminar schedule at