LEE Filters have launched an all new compact filter system aimed at photographers and cinematographers using smaller-bodied cameras.


The full anouncement:

The LEE85 Filter System shares the same intuitive design features and benefits as the popular LEE100 Filter System, which launched in 2019 for DSLRs and medium- and large-format cameras. As with the LEE100 system, the LEE85 filter holder can be easily attached, adjusted, and locked to the lens with just a finger and thumb; the locking dial can be set to neutral, half-lock or full-lock to offer full flexibility when rotating and adjusting filters. Available with one-, two-, or three-slot filter guides, the LEE85 system can be used with up to three filters plus a rapid-fitting clip-on Polariser.

“The LEE85 Filter System’s simple and intuitive design allows photographers to stamp their own creativity on their work and bring their vision to the frame,” says Paul Mason, Managing Director, LEE Filters. “Whether you’re shooting a beautiful landscape or a gritty urban scene, the LEE85 System enables photographers to enjoy all the benefits of LEE’s filter products on a very compact system.”

The LEE85 system is compatible with a full range of filters, including re-imagined LEE85 ND Graduated and Standard filters, which feature a grip tab that increases the visible area and keeps fingerprints off the filter zone. The LEE85 Little Stopper and Big Stopper—neutral-density filters that cut six and 10 stops of light, respectively—also feature useful thumb guides to easily position them squarely within the holder.

The LEE85 Filter System will be available in a range of four kits: Discover, Develop, Aspire, and Deluxe. Included with each LEE85 Kit is the LEE85 System Pouch, which holds a LEE85 Filter Holder, Polariser, and filters; the Pouch features a concertina design with one slot per filter, and it comes with strap options for over-the-shoulder, belt-loop, and tripod configurations. Additionally, marking a first for LEE Filters, each kit will include three adaptor rings (72mm, 67mm, and 58mm) so that the system can be used straight out of the box. Adaptor rings will also be available for purchase in a range of other lens-thread sizes to support lenses from 37mm up to 72mm.

“The launch of LEE85 is a natural evolution of the next generation of LEE Filters systems, which introduce a new set of experiences for using filters faster and more intuitively on compact system cameras,” says Gerald Smith, Engineering Manager, LEE Filters. “From the entry-level Discover Kit to the all-inclusive Deluxe, LEE85 gives photographers everything they need to get started out of the box.”

The LEE85 Filter System will be available to purchase beginning in late Spring 2020 through LEE Filters’ global dealer networks and, for UK-based customers, also through LEE Direct, LEE Filters’ new e-commerce website. The LEE85 will replace the existing Seven5 Filter System, which will be discontinued at the same time.

For more information about the LEE85 Filter System, visit www.leefilters.com/LEE85