Well we are certainly living in different times from when we recorded these interviews back at the end of January. Listening back to them it sounds like a different world! we spoke to Brad Day from the rental company New Day Pictures to find out about their business and their take on the latest gear. Kodak go from strength to strength with a mammoth number of features shot on film over the past year.

Then we have the first of our interviews with DPs who were visiting the show. Haris Zambarloukos BSC has shot some incredible movies, most recently wrapping Death On The Nile with Kenneth Branagh. He talks about those productions and his way of working.

So if you’re not doing anything you could give them a listen. I know, bad joke…

The next episode will be a bit more topical, you know, how to scrape a living in an apocalypse. You can find the podcast in all the good podcast libraries. The bad ones have probably snapped it up as well.