We’ll be doing a bigger feature on CODEX and X2X MEDIA very soon, in the meantime this is their latest news from the BSC Expo, where we chatted to them all too briefly!

PIX SYSTEM, the streaming dailies provider for all of the leading studios including Netflix and Amazon, joined forces with CODEX about 10 months ago. PIX is actually an acronym for “Production Information Exchange” and with X2X Media, we plan to exchange information from camera to the cloud.

CODEX showed off the new Compact Drive which is the exclusive media for the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF camera, the camera used by Roger Deakins on 1917. CODEX demonstrated an ecosystem for data exchange from set to post using High Density Encoding (HDE) to reduce the file size of the ARRIRAW data without any loss using a bit exact encoding schema dev eloped by CODEX. It’s fast and seamless to the workflow and has been embraced by ARRI and the studio system. During the BSC Expo, Mission Digital, ARRI Rental and CODEX discussed the benefits of HDE in production, and detailed its use on the recent production of CATS which used multiple ALEXA 65 cameras that generated a lot of uncompressed data per day. With CODEX HDE, it made the data management and throughput manageable by reducing the storage footprint by over 40%, allowing the  Mission Digital team to produce dailies, turn around VFX deliveries and archive the original camera negative for the studio with no interruptions to their workflow.

PIX Systems demonstrated a proof of concept product currently being used by David Fincher on the production MANK. With PIX RT, cameras are wireless connected to the system and real-time notes and comments are updated and synchronized with the PIX project, providing real-time dailies and shot review. During the production the camera department used the system frequently to review camera moves and focus.

CODEX also demonstrated a new TB3 Compact Drive dock that will be shipping via ARRI and ARRI Partners in spring of 2020.