The BSC Expo 2019 is kicking off very shortly and we are putting the finishing touches to our schedule of interviews for the 1st and 2nd of February at Battersea Evolution in London. We’ll be following up on some conversations we started at Cinec last year and starting new ones with some great gear manufacturers. We’ll be nabbing some great DoPs to talk to and have just updated a few definite names at the bottom of the page, and for all you gear heads out there this is what manufacturers our editor, Iain Hazlewood, has lined up so far…


Zeiss will be talking to us again about their eXtended lens metadata, a huge timesaver for the production pipeline. I’m looking forward to catching up with Les Zellan from Cooke again and finding out more about the Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus lens range, including just how they decided on the 1.8 squeeze and the Special Flare coating. Anna Piffl from P+S Technik will be sitting down to talk about their newest lenses, and fill us in on the Cinec Award they received (that we failed to talk about at Cinec! Sorry Anna). Panavision will be joining us for the first time and I can’t wait to get to grips with their lens range. Marc Horner from Fujinon can go into a bit more detail about their developments – I particularly like the fact they they also develop for the owner/operator part of the market who want cost effective solutions. Likewise, Sigma have an extremely impressive range of great value cine lenses, I’ll be looking into how they have applied their knowledge and expertise from the still lens market.


Sony will join me so we can go over the latest Venice Cine-Alta developments. I hope to talk sensors and whether large format is becoming a de-facto standard in the industry with Arri. Then of course we must widen the discussion to include film, the resurgence in the preference for shooting on film is something that fascinates me and I’ll get into it with Kodak. I’m really interested in the way some productions are mixing the use of both film and digital. The latest Mission Impossible was shot on film except the helicopter and freefall skydiving scenes, then on Dr Strange they swapped to film cameras for the portion shot in Kathmandu. Getting into the detail on managing this in the production workflow will be interesting.

I’ll be joined by Michael Cioni, Panavision’s SVP of Innovation, he is also doing a seminar on HDR at the Expo on the Friday. Michael led the development of the Millennium DXL camera and its ecosystem of large-format optics and 8K workflow, so there is probably not much that he doesn’t know about the cutting edge of digital cinema!

Canon will be talking to us for the first time, along with Brett Danton, Director and DOP, to talk about his experience of the C700 FF, then Ollie Kenchington – a colour grading specialist to talk colour, resolution and sensors.


We’ll take a trip to the Cirrolite stand to speak to Frieder Hochheim, founder and president of Kino Flo Lighting Systems whilst looking at their products. Frieder is also leading a seminar at the expo on ‘LED Colorimetry for Cinema’, exploring the challenges of LED lighting for electronic cinema cameras. LCA also have a big stand at the show and I’ll be finding out about their whole range of lighting and services. Nicolas Goerg, one of the founders, ex-gaffer and CTO of DMG Lumière will be joining me to continue the themes we explored with Nils & Mathieu at Cinec.

Everything Else

Louis-Philippe Capelle, General Secretary of IMAGO will be dropping by, I’ll be playing with the ATOMOS monitors and recorders, and talking to The Helicopter Girls about their expertise in drone cinematography. Of course this is also the 70th anniversary year of the British Society of Cinematographers so I’ll attempt to drag the president Mike Eley into our studio, plus some illustrious members, I might have to go to the bar for that one. CVP have taken over the whole mezzanine this year –  I’ll be talking to them about, well, everything basically as they cover the whole gamut of kit and services.

Cinemoves are one of our sponsors again and we can’t wait to find out more about their SOC Lifetime Achievement Award for Technical Achievement for their MATRIX 4 Axis Stabilized Gimbal – we looked at this great piece of kit at Cinec.


We are constantly adding to this list, but at the moment we are looking forward to talking to Diana Olifirova and Simona Susnea about illuminatrix rising on Friday and then Kate Reid BSC about her work and illuminatrix on Saturday. Sony will be bringing Balazs Bolygo BSC HSC along to talk about his year using the VENICE Cine-Alta camera.

Guillermo Navarro ASC will nip into our studio to talk about his approach to digital cinema with RED, just before his masterclass in the seminar theatre.

We have a few other DoPs in our sights, they don’t know it yet but we’ll gently herd them in front of our cameras before they realise what’s going on. We’ll add them here and brag about it on social media – Subscribe to our Youtube channel to make sure you don’t miss them when we upload.

See you at the show!

It’s going to be the biggest expo yet, attendance is completely free, just register via the website and print out your pass.