Panalux have launched a gamechanger. The first high power hybrid generator specifically for the motion-picture industry. The h40 generator combines a diesel engine with an lithium-ion battery array, it’s self-charging and delivers 240V AC power up to a load of 40KW.

There’s a climate crisis, and every one of us, from the individual to the corporate level, must take action. That the moviemaking industry is hugely wasteful is no secret, but the winds of change are blowing and we can all do something.

The Panalux press release states:

Panalux has introduced the new h40 hybrid generator as part of Panalux’s fleet of power-generation products, now collectively known as Panalux Power. With the h40 from Panalux Power, Panalux is looking ahead to the future of the film industry while responding to critical climate issues confronting the planet.

“Traditional generators used on locations frequently run at a small fraction of their maximum capacity,” says David Taaffe, chief operating officer for Panalux. “At the beginning and end of the production day, and during breaks and turnarounds, power is often only required for work lights, charging stations, refrigeration, and occasionally a portion of the unit base or production hub. Keeping a traditional generator running for prolonged low-level loads causes unnecessarily high emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates, unwanted noise pollution, and damage to the generator. Panalux has specifically addressed this issue with the h40, which only switches to fossil-fueled power when required and runs silently in the background on battery power at all other times.”

Generators routinely run constantly, whether they are powering a huge bank of lights or just a kettle and microwave. The h40 will deliver just what is needed and when, burn less fuel and chuck out far lower emissions. Plus it means less of those nasty diesel particulates in the air to be breathed in by crew.

Sustainability in the motion-picture and TV production world is going to be a huge subject in the 2020’s. We all need to be a part of the conversation.